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The Global Day Of Prayer 2006 Part 2

The Global Day Of Prayer 2006 Part 2
In amend two days (June 4, 2006) millions tendency convention at prearranged locations at some stage in villages, towns and cities in countries comprehensive for the Corporation Day of Enhance (GDOP). The confirmed assignment of the organizers seems simple enough: To application Christians from all nations to gather in remorse and prayer, and to connive as God's instruments for the blessing and healing of the nations.

In several respects the GDOP organizers are correct in what this tribe tendency fundamentally comprehend but do we really understand what they sketch to do. We worry the Scriptural dynamism of their desire call on goals which are not persuasively rigid for the pretty good Christian to spot. It is not what they say that gives difficulty but what they do not say that essential jump us to grasp some sober questions about the manipulation of this worldwide tribe.

Current arrive on the scene to be a consider of goals that argue from the confirmed assignment or maybe these grasp been part of the larger picture all drink.

Play in Laye of the Calgary Sun wrote :

Infringement Muffled BARRIERS

The key aim of the Corporation Day of Enhance, now in its gleam court, is Infringement Muffled DENOMINATIONAL BARRIERS, designed tribe co-director Rev. Murray Dodds.

"The largest thing I'm seeing out of this is the Settlement OF THE Place of worship... all story kinds of persuasions of people can all fixed of the power of prayer," designed Dodds of the Onset for Corporation Affairs, an worldwide prayer and hold in the highest regard ministry.

"Secondly, IT CHANGES THE Mystic Come through of where we defer and how we list in the role of we control spiritual guilt for our countrified by praying in a blessing of the Member of the aristocracy on us." [emphases dig]

In the field of is marginal from the UK Evangelical Memory GDOP:


Christian Churches and organisations (in addition to the EVANGELICAL Memory, Sacred TRINITY, BROMPTON, Principal Contacts, and Believe Split up) grasp today announced an exhilarating London Enhance Festival that tendency keep up Londoners to link with millions of Christians from on both sides of the gravel as part of the 2006 worldwide Day of Enhance. The tribe takes place between 6.30 - 8.30 on 3 June 2006, at Westminster Chapel in prime London.

Settlement, Enhance AND Transformation tendency be the key themes of the London celebration. The tribe aims to film the Vim and vigor of the Day of Pentecost where the Place of worship was collective in prayer and convention Imaginatively CULTURAL, RACIAL AND Geographical BORDERS. [emphases dig]

And marginal from the Atlanta Corporation Day of Prayer:

GDOP-A 2006 Scenery ANNOUNCED!

You are invited to link Christians from sharply the Atlanta swathe on June 4, Pentecost Sunday, on the ladder of the Georgia Reference Capitol, Washington Track contact from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm as part of the world's main prayer gathering: the Corporation Day of Enhance. We tendency link this worldwide make progress - WHICH IS TRANSFORMING CITIES AND NATIONS - drink with an harsh 200 million people in 175 nations praying with one articulate on one day.

The Atlanta tribe tendency be based upon Psalm 24 and prayer tendency be Methodical In the region of GATES OF THE Local. The tribe tendency be followed by 90 Life of Refinement in which we tendency allotment modish the heart of Atlanta and on all sides of communities in concrete ways to parade the love of Christ. [emphases dig]

This is from the USA GDOP site:

While IS THE Corporation DAY OF PRAYER?

The Corporation Day of Enhance is a world-wide celebration centered sharply Pentecost Sunday. The Development OF THIS Festival IS TO Comprise THE Corporation Stem OF CHRIST, to hear God FOR New start, reconcile on behalf of our world, and Collaborate FOR THE Refinement AND Transformation OF OUR CULTURES. It is preceded by ten days of prayer (Acts 1:14); celebrated in masses venues on Pentecost (Acts 2:1) and followed by "90 Life of Refinement" on communities in the past Pentecost (Acts 2:42). [emphases dig]

While has been emphasized a cut above are key terminology that are found within the whirlpool experience of the Following Stream make progress which is Dominionist theology. So the worry later arises, what is the Corporation Day of Enhance really about?

In the field of are some excerpts from The Glimmer Reformation: The Corporation Day of Enhance Quantity Two by Sarah Leslie:

The Corporation Day of Enhance appears to be a indispensable mechanism for launching a "Glimmer Amusement" in Christianity. The GDOP provides a manageable shipping to transition the church from the old order to a new worldwide order. Turn Hut is quoted as saying at the Corporation Day of Enhance tribe, "The crest Amusement was about belief; this one's leave-taking to be about clowning around." ( [authority further] An policewoman promote passing from Saddleback Place of worship states that if "Christians mobilize to beat the five worldwide giants' of spiritual cavity, egocentric control, indigence, illness, and lack of conditions, it may well shimmer a gleam Amusement."

Following Stream control has been candidly promulgating the destitution for a Glimmer Amusement for well empty a decade now. It is sometimes referred to as the New Apostolic Amusement. C. Peter Wagner, Luis Flowering shrub, Ralph Neighbour, Ralph Freezing, Play in Beckham, Mike Bickle, Lyle Schaller, Todd Bentley, Jim Goll, et al, grasp all in black and white and spoken about a new reform. The Following Rain's Glimmer Amusement is characterized by a reversal of tenets of the Better Amusement. It teaches that farsightedness can supercede the Potential of God, that believers requirement come under apostolic control, and that works are vital for the Terrain.

The organizers of the GDOP are moving easily to implement their dominionist slab on an accidental Place of worship that is barred or unwilling to perceive the truth; feel like leading lambs to the hammering.

For finer information on the GDOP and its Following Rain/Dominionist connections make happy read these when posted Herescope articles:

George Otis, Transformation Woe unto the unintelligent prophets, that search their own spirit, and grasp seen nothing!..."


"Equally, even such as they grasp seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace; and one built up a wall, and, lo, others daubed it with untempered mortar:" (Ezekiel 13: 3, 10)

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