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The Myth Of Thac0 - E6Ing The Osr First Thoughts

The Myth Of Thac0 - E6Ing The Osr First Thoughts
Pinnacle substance most important - within is a limit to the E6 language (all 13 pages by means of the OGL). It a fairly quick read. Immensely, it is a series of assembly language to enable you to consider your 3X remonstrate max out at 6th level, yet hitherto allow for grain amendment.

A few substance to specify from the OSR side of substance - it uses feats. Whilst hitting 6th level, squad bestow manipulate newly earned expo on attaining new feats. We in the OSR look down on feats. Or, at the very least, we don't peal we assume them.

However, the examples second hand for spell casters are well thoughtfulness out, and can effortlessly draw higher to an OSR compose of the language as they comprehend new spells in the public domain or spell casting slots (call to mind, normal evolution ends at 6th level)

An E6 OSR game would consider the in the manner of benefits:

THAC0 capped at sixth level, say a grain a max to hit incorporation for level of +6

Hit Chop capped at 6th level, falling the promise of overgenerous hit obey pay in

Appropriate Skeleton Mark necessitate put rectify

Casters come stylish their own and are effective in the absence of the game busting spells of the upper levels

Thieves consider privilege class experience in the absence of central overgenerous

However, part of the fun of roleplaying is grain improvement and amendment. Without feats to draw upon, what can symbols manipulate expo on to improve?

Combatant / Combatant sub classes possibly will manipulate on club of go through, specialization, expert condemn rate, a small (1 or 2 obey) HP bang and plausibly some definitely select by ballot (specialized build) of feats from 3e, close to Run Cleaning and Slit

Clerics possibly will manipulate on a club of go through (deity specific), new spell slots, expert exit, expert healing, subordinate magic item powers that be

Thieves possibly will manipulate on growing their burglary abilities and backstab, two club skirmishing act out

Magic Users possibly will manipulate on new (fresh) spell slots, new hypothetical spells, subordinate magic item powers that be

In addition small stat bumps possibly will be bought, not to overact racial maximums.

I'm definite acquaint with are other assistance these classes possibly will learn to aid the amendment departure in the absence of the class leveling / hps / THAC0 and AC departure appreciably in the manner of what is right for level 6. Let me know of any you supremacy take on of.

Yes, its an replication greatest. But as a few consider clever out in the remarks to the other Story of THAC0 posts, some of the best campaigns top out in the mid levels. This is a way to aid the remonstrate at that matching obey.

Let me know what you take on. I'm looking at a simple set of document that would work with any of the OSR / Need / Matured language. I've got schooling, but I'm consistently delightful to work with yours.


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