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Transformation Of Karunanidhi Into Bhageeratha Of Modern Age

Transformation Of Karunanidhi Into Bhageeratha Of Modern Age
I am baffled out by the pristine avatar of Mr Karunanidhi!

He has been praised as the "Bhageeratha of the Just starting out Age"

yesterday in the Tamilnadu formation

-the family name as Bhageeratha to the one

who refuses to acknowledge that his childish person Rama ever lived!

Any guesses who had unchangeable this title?

It was unchangeable by none other than the childish person of Mr Karunanidhi,

Mr Stalin who has surpassed his shrink in his knowledge of India's past and culture.

Mr Stalin has praised his shrink as Bhageeratha of Just starting out age

('naveena kaala bhageerathan nam mudhalvar thaan'),

for bringing water from Hogenakkal.

It is believed in the puranas that Bhageeratha brought the Ganga

from the sky to the earth.

It is called 'Bhageeratha prayathnam'.

He extra that our CM has engaged the Hogenakkal water

to the populace of Hosur living at a height of 980 meters (from land to sky presumably)

So he can be called as "Bhageeratha of the Just starting out Age"

I wonder whether he or his shrink ever question

what a denunciation it makes to gossip of Bhageeratha

equally his shrink is not up for grabs to acknowledge the historicity of Rama.

Did he or his shrink learn that this phone call by him gives a get-up

of their salutation of Rama as real?

No, I don't aspiration they had ever specified that Bhageeratha was like to Rama.

Had they specified that Bhageeratha lived about 1000 being through Rama

and that this item of bringing down Ganga by Bhageeratha

has been known factor in Valmiki Ramayana,

Stalin would not transfer made this corresponding

nor had Karunanidhi cheerily passed this family name.

If Bhageeratha's relevance had been so sketchy,

such as sketchy was Rama's show

in having constructed a interact corner to corner the sea.

By his lack of knowledge of Puranas

and uniquely of Rama,

Mr Stalin had denied his shrink

an breach at an lucky time in a great deal,

to theme,

who this Bhageeratha was and

what ladder he second hand to bring the Ganga from the sky.

No one may possibly transfer raised any gossip about Bhageeratha on any edition.

for, Mr Karunanidhi would transfer fit and intelligently

affix the lips of any one

who dared to gossip about Bhageeratha.

How can Karunanidhi acknowledge the omen of Rama

equally he can not acknowledge Rama himself?

But we decision be bewildered this educational examination in a great deal,

identification to Mr Stalin's energy to show off that he too knows puranas

and that he is skilled of limber explanations for provisos such as

'Bhageeratha prayathnam'.

We saw in the abovementioned post how Varudam is not a Tamil word

(about aaN varudan and aaN varudi, entirely Mr Karunanidhi have to light).

The son follows the shrink in decoding Tamilised words

such as prayathanm

in 'Bhageeratha prayathnam'!

That is all!

In imitation of once more in this context too,

my sittrarivu propels me to tell happening scriptures

which I ingredient here.

Repeated have to transfer been wondering

why populace who lure Rama and other gods and

who make weaker our Entrust circle to burgeon.

Brainy teaching of any religion is that

that persons who do wrongs decision be punished.

But we don't see this to take place in life.

It is being of earnest ways by which dharma works.

For any action (provoke), the sense decision nonetheless take place.

But equally it decision take place is the theme.

It takes time for the action to fructify happening re-action.

Highest of the mature it may jab very want as to be in poles apart boon,

for the one to suffer the blinkered phase for his abovementioned goings-on.

This is what sanatana dharma says.

But in the case of Gods of Vishnu's squeezing out, the programming are character.

Vishnu is a 'kaakkum kadavuL', the Shield among the Trinities.

He is not game to wipe out self for his follies and one-sidedness goings-on.

He decision image a want rope and

a dimensions of probability to populace to appropriate themselves.

ChoodamaNi nigaNdu defines Thirumaal or Vishnu as

"kaappukku mun edukkum kadavuL-thaan MaalEyaagum" (12-139)

It conduit that Vishnu is safeguard.

If Vishnu goes on easy offenders and limber them want rope,

how can he and equally can he wipe out one-sidedness doers,

is the theme we get.

He does wipe out

but he destroys his enemies by his "fame and profound remark".

Let me quote genuineness for this from Tamil texts.

In his praise of Pandyan king, Ilavanthigai thunjiya Nanmaaran,

the critic KaNakkayanaar Maganaar Nakkeeranaar, (PuranaanUru 56)

compares the king with Gods.

"pughazh ottheeyE igazhunar adunanai"

(urai :- 'pughazhaal pagaivarai-k-kollum MaayOnai voppai')

This conduit -You are evenly balanced Vishnu / Thirumaal / MaayOn

in destroying enemies by your Fame.

(The other Gods he compares are

Shiva for his death-inflicting nature,

Balarama for strength and

Muruga for accomplishing what he wants)

Vishnu's fame is everything that makes his detractors irate

and commit superfluous crimes to be a magnet for their own ends.

It happened with Sishupala.

He may possibly not stand the praises on Krishna.

Krishna gave him a want rope, allowing him to abuse him

and in the end Sishupaala met the logical end of his goings-on.

As a god in the act of Sentinel, Krishna can not go about destroying populace

at the show they commit adharmic acts.

It what's more happened with Ravana.

A deeper examine of Ramayana reveals that

Ravana may possibly not stay

the cachet of Rama damages from the beginning.

He had his leader shame at Janaka's day

equally he inferior to maintain the Shiva dhanush,

to get the hand of Sita in marriage.

But Rama won in that amusement.

Rama became the hero

and Ravana may possibly not tummy the praises on Rama.

Rama's fame and cachet was some thing that dried out his midpoint,

which can be noted from the common dialogues of him,

alluring or disapproving or demeaning Rama at every relax.

Altogether time he tried to tempt Sita with glowing words,

he would end up with a essential note on Rama,

that Rama was a itinerant in forests who had no aver

and that he was no become for him (Ravana).

Rama too gave him a want rope, even behindhand inmost happening war with him.

Rama sent him back to refill himself

and that time was second hand by Mandodhari to discriminate him not to clash with Rama.

But the one who had to be broken down by Rama

would find persons words of profound remark about Rama

as molten lead fed happening his ears.

It is by their nature of not being overpowering to acknowledge and understand

Vishnu's profound remark and fame,

that His detractors had hunted their own ends.

The meditate why God gives such a want rope was

to image them opportunities to entitlement themselves.

The proposal by Tara (in Vali' case)

and Mandodhari (in Ravana's case)

acted as opportunities to entitlement themselves.

Mandodhari even lamented at Ravana's death

how she cautioned that it was unintelligent to go on war with the one

who did the comatose show of quarters a interact on the sea!

But Ravana did not be present at.

But such proposal continually does not go waste.

The superfluous time that is unchangeable to the offenders,

the longer the exposure of His saatwic vibrations

that God provides to them.

Yes, the intention of God limber opportunities is that

superfluous the populace are weak to vernacular or mature about Him,

superfluous they get weak to the satwam of God.

This exposure leisurely turns them saatwic

and in course of time

they become saatwic in nature.

(deal with my post in my blog scheduled in the acquaintances lump

on Sita having an important effect about how coherent order to everything turns one happening that.)

We can see such a protracted rotation in Ram-baiter, Mr Karunanidhi.

Not want ago he has believed that had put on been a God, let Him image want life to him!

In the same way as a struggle down for an atheist of his kind!

But let us not find shame with him for this.

He has to rotation and he decision rotation.

The same as he has engaged cudgels against Rama, the Shield

who is never found disparage of limber opportunities.

And now his son has dated the way,

by bringing in the line up of Rama.

Karunanidhi have to transfer been the happiest person

to be compared with Bhageeratha.

Why Bhageeratha, if we poise him with Rama, decision he say no?

He would gratifying and acknowledge it with magnanimity,

spell Rama decision be having hearty laugh at Vaikuntha.

We have to understand Mr Karunanidhi in the damages way.

Uninterrupted if Stalin or someone someday praises him as 'Naveena Rama'

for bringing out bridges on the sketchy society areas of Chennai,

do you aspiration he decision say no to it.


As want as it gives him Single out and fame (!?),

he decision transfer no faltering to acknowledge persons praises and titles.

But his salutation of Rama decision be evenly balanced this:-

"Raman kadalil paalam kattinaan endru kadhai undu.

Aanaal nam Kalaingar kattina palangal uNmai kadhai"

(It is specifically a story that Rama built bridges on the sea.

But it is a true story that Karunaidhi built bridges in Chennai)

That is the way Kalaingar replicates the environment of Rama.

That is the way Rama

overpowers his detractors by His fame and greatness!

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