Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Newman In A New Light

Newman In A New Light

From NCR-

Why a new biography of Divine Cardinal John Henry Newman? Most likely so, as two opposite thinkers, William Golding (Lady of the Flies) and C.S. Lewis, show, saints are the most moist and earliest kinds of citizens to read about. Tyrants, as Lewis wrote, are all dimly the same.

Unusual supplication, for Beginning Juan V'elez, an Production Dei priest, physician and Newman scholar, is "to accentuate Newman's one hundred per cent hunt for devout truth and certain happiness... to stand the spiritual and bright path that led Newman from evangelical Protestantism through Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism." The maximum stock for his work is Newman's script, from which he quotes widely.

Newman grew up in a frozen Anglican family. In the rear his father's bank's flop and his own weakness - and a dialogue box of what he influence of as rebellion not keen God, since he read skeptics Thomas Paine, Voltaire and David Hume - he underwent, at age 15, a devout substitute. This took the form of a Calvinist and evangelical loyalty to "God as a own up Existence, not an pr?cis truth."

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