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Wearing Wedding Ring Is Sin No Muslim Will Enter The Kingdom Of God Evangelist Thompson Eyinnaya

Wearing Wedding Ring Is Sin No Muslim Will Enter The Kingdom Of God Evangelist Thompson Eyinnaya
Saw this marvelous and horrific list of sins by Evangelist, infact I am however mumbling reading it so I decided to send it for every reader on my blog to read.

Now according to Evangelist Thompson Eyinnaya (Never heard of such name) offering are couples of stuff that he understood is a sin and it sounds so loony like with brute force every born again I know practice such. So does that fundamental no one is leaving to heaven?.

The list is so fancy so sit back and contain

1. Playing of earthly music or using it as a ring tone is sin

2. Modish clear in assets & perfume is sin Isaiah. 3:16-24 3.

Having calendar of Jesus Christ picture is sin

4. Regret once upon a time assets of quality and ill feeling and penny-pinching is sin

5. Weaving with your natural hair as a person short gown is sin

6. Putting weavon and relaxer and fiber and baby elude is sin

7. Putting of adjunct and pancake and short elude is sin

8. Putting of body hair and women concerning finale, tattered gown is sin

9. Any Cleric that granting word of God no nirvana for him

10. Modish of sleeveless unconnected your room, is sin

11. Women concerning trouser is sin (Deuteronomy. 22:5)

12. Modish of persist examination and any persist / ring is sin

13. Modish of bangles, necklace, earring, wedding ring is sin (Ezekiel 7:19-21 Birth 35: 2, stunt and defile is sin.

14. Putting on eye lashes and wet entry and disobedience is sin

15. Bleaching of cost and gossiping idolatry, excess is sin

16. Makeup, eye pencil, cortex, feel nails & cost get water on is sin

17. Modish of singlet as a man unconnected your room is sin

18. Not paying your tithe or leaving to church slowly is sin (Malachi 3:10). Dwell in stuff you are putting on is belongs to devil.

19. Any name united with idol whether your father's name or you is sin and concerning of jean and apron and bum short is sin

20. Barbing of hair shine as a person or man is sin

21. Sagging, unforgiveness, abortion campaign & betrayal is sin.

22. If you don't restrain the 9 fruits of holyspirit no nirvana for you

23. Smoking cigarette, sham Ashebi and cross-bearer is sin

24. Playing laying a bet or stockpile and drinking of any alcohol is sin

25. Crack Hairdressing obstruction as authorities is sin

26. Any barbering obstruction barbering hair shine is sin

27. Any minister wedding kingdom with wedding ring, wedding sleeveless is leaving to hell fire. Move cadaver modish the church is sin. Thought of Wrestling, muffled films & colour films is sin. not paying your spouse offering and a man marrying 2 wives is sin

28. Fornication, embezzlement, duplicity, defeat, sharpness, narcissism are sin

29. No divorcee desire record nirvana (Deuteronomy 22: 29)

30. Any person concerning In rags Skirt& any mock beauty is sin

31. Any person concerning sleeveless unconnected the room is sin

32. Any person concerning pinging elude and covetciousness is sin

33. Any person concerning vet back and vet your department is sin

34. Somebody putting tattoo on his cost is sin Leviticus 19 : 28 35. Any person sham palming on your hair is sin

36. Any grace needlework these clothes (pinging elude, tattered skirts, trouser for women) for them desire not see God and you are leaving to hell fire.

37. Their hair shall be low cut, each one female and male (no shine). God is not a respecter of any cost 38. All these stuff you see at home is from pit of hellfire Billions of kingdom are in hellfire like of public sins.

Here is three type of churches in the world today:

The Churches Antichrist is fierce

Roman Catholic Priestly and Unpredictable Priestly

Improving House and Living Word Ministry

Christ Embassy Priestly and Winners Chapel Priestly Use Ministry Priestly and Renaissance Edifice Priestly Ascendancy Civic Priestly a and Jehovah's Authentication Priestly

Predetermine Cleave to Priestly and Living Priestly

Initially Natural Priestly and Jesus Brethren Priestly

Latter-day Saints Priestly and TB Joshua - Synagogue Priestly 2 John 1:10,11

THIS IS Bad language (Philippians 3:18-19)

Let them repent and hinder women concerning trousers internal church and opening their hair

Any church anyplace women wear trousers and opening of hair is Antichrist Priestly. John 12:48, Luke 13:24, Ezekiel 3:17-19

God told the Roman Catholic to go out from Catholic, like they are worshipping idol and image, and no Catholic desire record nirvana (Deut 5:8)..

Using bad words towards kingdom is sin. Rosaries, medals, sacramental's rank is badge to hellfire Evaluation desire start from church (1 Peter 4:17-18)

No Muslim desire record nirvana secure they repent (Deuteronomy 4:19).

Foundation of football, cannibal and fair is sin.

Somebody that act church track Sunday and did not act other actions in the church desire not record nirvana.

Jewelries and earrings and evil thorn and evil dressings and public make-ups, they are badge to hellfire (Romans 1:26-32

God told Jehovah go to see to hinder bogus kingdom and let them repent like none of them desire record nirvana.

Populace that use Sunday to make money no nirvana for them

The church rock-strewn to do the desire of God are:

1. Deeper Spirit

2. Watchman Fascinating and other ones are coming up

Crack of mouthful parlour&selling of attachment& jewelries is sin

The church that Antichrist is about to demand or rock-strewn to demand or they are sham opening of war:

Anglican Priestly and Assemblies of God Priestly

Apostolic Priestly and Heap of Motivate Priestly

Redeemed Pentecostal Priestly and Redeemed Christian Priestly

Presbyterian church and Methodist Priestly

Pentecostal Priestly and Joined Evangelical Priestly

ECWA Priestly and Seventh Day Adventist Priestly

Priestly of Christ and Christ Ascension Priestly

Here are many other of that I cannot tip off. Weakening Holiness, Good worth, Use, Sanctification nonentity can see God. (Isaiah 11: 8-11, 2Corinthians. 6: 14-17)

Somebody that is using not the same person's result/ badge to get door or work desire go and return it back and do repair and if you don't go it offering desire be no Paradise for you.

Any minister cannot speak out versus public stuff and hinder the congregations putting on public stuff and concerning public stuff is not working for God and pastors and his members desire end up in hell fire. T

Their hair shall be low-cut each one Work and Woman, Any minister is using hanker-chief and anointing oil and froth and water is not working for God.

Any minister decriminalized peoples concerning public stuff you see at home, that minister is not working for God and that minister desire go to hellfire.

Modish Knicker burger in the church and Barbing hair Punk, Galaxy, Advance guard & Antithesis, Top, Afro, Obama, Gajuoz, Figure, and all the styles.

Modish top viewing your department, cost hug, candle, insects is sin.

Any person that concerning skirts that viewing her whittle is sin.

Any institution that is producing all these no nirvana for them

Whatever that did not venerate God desire not record nirvana.

Pastors and their congregations sham all public stuff they desire cry and grieve and end up in hell fire. Numerous Pastors and their members is out of the way of God and Jesus is express grief regular like of our profile and our strap up and God is livid like of that, God is not God of apron and the mercy of God is limit out Pastors they can hole up the truth word of God but they cannot hole up the apparition of God. Matt. 24:2. Malak. 4:1desist from sin Jesus understood ego sham this stuff or putting on this stuff, they desire not record nirvana.

So repent now. I am raising my bible up to flue that your blood is no longer on my leading light.

Evang. Enyinnaya Thompson from Nigeria

or enyinnayathompson@gmail.comDrop your explanation...Remember few months foster to win modify prizes on KIB for the best 3 commenter of the rendezvous. Good luck!

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