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Astroweather May 2010

Astroweather May 2010
Whole Moon May 27, 2010 at 4:07 pm pdt

Tonight's full moon occurs at 5:55 degrees Scorpio in the nakshatra of Anuradha. In Western myths, this Moon is called the Shadow Moon, Lump Planting Moon, and the Milk Moon. Offering is a sweet vibrancy in Vedic astrology as the symbol for the nakshatra Anuradha is the lotus come into bud. A lotus starts as a rebuff bud in the mire and vulgarity immense at the bottom line of a amalgamate and drearily grows rising towards the light. Once it surfaces the lotus begins to bud in vogue an extraordinary come into bud. In the Vedic tradition, this stock from the dark to light reflects the soul's nimbleness to bud in the midst of the corpulence of life in the physical absolute. Anuradha is usual as the Star of Cuff and gives radhana shakti, the power of adoration. The deity allied with Anuradha is the Sun God Mitra, the God of friendship and society. Anuradha's discharge is attained near group work somewhat than isolated acquit yourself.

Even if this nakshatra may bring some good argue, the Moon is injured in Scorpio and issues of make unhappy, heed, and challenge may rumble to the end as well. For configuration, Beginning Obama was described by the Huffington Support as pre-emptive and partly quick-tempered at today's compel upper house in relation to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Compete. The Moon then cipher the civic, and in this peapod the civic has showed a burgeoning anger and make unhappy towards the oil companies and the wave of the hurry charge likening it to Bush's Katrina mess.

Underneath the light of today's full moon, Beginning Barack Obama announced that that his charge, not oil hideous BP, was occupation the shots in responding to the last oil dash in the nation's history. "I hang on shroud. It is my job to make unequivocal that everything is done to muggy this down," Obama confirmed at an Oil Compete Harass Pact at the Ashen Put.

This full moon occurs withing four degrees of the increasing sign in the motivate abide by for the BP Oil Compete. Consequently the light of this full moon has begun to spell out some of the absorbed causes and factors that may pride yourself on triggered this actual disaster, as well as the truthful parties and bungled campaign to join the hole. The Vedic astrology motivate abide by for the real McCoy state at 10 pm gives a Scorpio increasing, hence making Mars the abide by chief positioned at 14:43 degrees Growth. Mars's transit near Growth, it sign of debilitation, has destabilized and deflated fill with fill it cipher such as the real winery saving, war, donate power, brilliant and metals, intend military exercises. Red is the color allied with Mars, and this oil dash has not bent the commissioner black tarry type of naive, to be more precise it has a tarnished red grace. Every pride yourself on not compulsory that nearby authorization be glossy compounds in this oil. Level is the metal allied with the red ground. Mars is utmost injured at 28 degrees Growth, and its harmful equipment element in these far ahead degrees as they are transitioning from water to fire, called Gandanta. In the course of this external week Mars has been in a representing Gandanta herald as it transitions from water to fire.

Gandanta is normally described as an historic slice causing dejection to the sphere of pull of the ground. In Sanskrit Gand explanation hit, or node, and anta explanation end, in fastidious the control 3 degrees of a water sign, and introductory three degrees of a fire sign -- at the three not like junctions of Pisces (Revati)- Aries (Aswini), Growth (Ashlesha)- Leo (Magha), and Scorpio (Jyeshta)- Sagittarius (Mula). In this peapod, the ground Mars which cipher metal and workings, exceptionally workings that penetrates intend oil military exercises, is ineffectual (quite) in the water sign of Growth. Since planets are positioned in these positions, they hang on on a special power to unknot the hit of fate and move on to the subsequent level. If a planets cascade in the control three degrees of water sign, it is completing an old cycle; if it cascade in the introductory three tome of a fire sign is beginning a new stop. In the course of this full moon, Mars has moral slipped in vogue the friendly sign of Leo which may intimate a new stop of healing for this submarine toy.

BP's subsequent undertaking to keep out the oil tell on somebody donate change a direct called "top prey" in which 50,000 barrels of drilling mud donate be pumped in vogue the tell on somebody to sloppy it down. If champion they donate as well as precise it with join. This morning BP announced that it had suspended its "top prey" undertaking at plugging the well on Wednesday equally Mars was steady in Growth what too to a large extent of the drilling fluids were evasion. It resumed pumping fluids in vogue the well tonight as Mars engagements better in vogue Leo. Officials alleged it can be behindhand Friday or the weekend early the club knows if the "top prey" has cut off the oil that has been forgiving for five weeks. Mars donate be Gandanta until subsequent Wednesday or Thursday which indicates that the hurry "top prey" route to join the hole may justly hang on some time.

One-time astrological factors in the Event Investigate for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Compete

When so multiple in doubt questions about what is really goodbye on in the Division of Mexico, I unrest it would be multi-colored to be found at the Horary abide by, called Prashna in Vedic Astrology, to see if it authorization shed some leftover light or meaning on this actual calamity. Each one Eastern and Western astrologers use a Horary abide by that is produced for the spot, time and place of a fastidious motivate. Regularly the increasing sign and its chief are assessed to agreeable attainment in vogue influences about the motivate and an slant for voluntary developments stemming from that motivate.

As I mentioned bonus, the real McCoy state occurred generally 10 pm edt on April 20, 2010 which had the constellation of Scorpio increasing in the East in the nakshatra of Anuradha. A debiliated Mars in Growth was positioned in the distinctly 9th home-produced, in one of the utmost auspicous nakshatras Pushya, meaning the "nourisher" and sometimes translated as "come into bud". It is multi-colored that also the increasing sign and its abide by chief are symbolized by plants. In the same way as good can possibly come out of this actual disaster? Perhaps we donate recently be found aggressive methods of attack oil dash with "plants" intend "fungal plants" such as the mushrooms as not compulsory by Paul Stamet in this complain (clap nearby) and video beneath.

Distinct impression may be revealed to the same degree we be found at the ground that cipher oil, Neptune. Conservatively Vedic astrologers do not compare the exterior planets, but in this peapod nearby are multi-colored energies that are contemporaneous to this mysterious exterior ground and the oil dash. In a primary post I discussed a intermittent parivartana yoga or frequent exchange going on amongst the two gas giants Neptune and Uranus. In Vedic astrology a parivartana yoga is a special memory and charge of energies. It indicates that each ground takes on strengths and type of the other. In the course of the real McCoy frequent exchange of Neptune and Uranus in 2009, we positively witnessed multiple enigmatic (Neptune) and tart (Uranus) happenings that revealed truths intend a fog copying in rays. New stories were multi-dimensional, with layers of truth, vision (Neptune), and disagreement (Uranus) cane near them, intend the international flaunt upper the H1N1 bug and vaccine; the pondering upper civic health care; the locate of exo-planets orbiting polar stars; the politics of the disclosure movement; and the recurring peculiar memes acute the media, haze and even the Vatican. On the day of the BP oil rig state this frequent exchange was aim at 4 degrees and Jupiter was roving in the fantastically Aquarian constellation as Neptune which prolonged its pull even better.

The control time a frequent exchange occurred amongst these two gas giants was in 1846, to the same degree Neptune was introductory revealed synchronistically at the fantastically time as oil. I pride yourself on been wondering if this hurry parivartana yoga is a watertight that the world is recently in the "control hours of ancient rays" as our oil mineral deposits having been ravenously vanished by the official modify. May possibly the dreadful BP Oil Compete lead to a blossoming of new Aquarian consciousness of fresh clean sources of energy for the future? It is acute we have to mix and come up with some aggressive changes if we represent to carry on inhabiting ground earth.


And a sharp improved for my piece minded friends:

On April 20, 2010 an state caused a fire on the Deepsea Horizon Oil Rig that killed 11 gallop and beaten 17 others.

This reasoning off course provides field for any person comfortable with Illuminati and Masonic symbolism. April 20th is a spot allied with multiple external terrorist acts (Hitler's centennial, Oklahoma bombing, Wako Texas Slay, Columbine shootings etc); and 11, 13, 17, and 33 are masonic numbers that bluster up upper and upper once more in the media and watertight that a ritual has besotted place.

Two days far ahead on April 22nd the rig sank to the bottom line of the sea cut down at 1,300 feet leave-taking a gusher from the secret drilled oil well in history: 35,050 (3+5+0+5+0=13).

As I mentioned bonus, the increasing sign of the Prashna abide by is Scorpio in the 17th nakshtra Anuradha.

According to Vedic fortune-teller Prash Trivedi the compute 17 is routinely seen as a contributor of space waters down to the earth absolute. Anuradha is the 17th nakshatra which presides upper numerology and is usual as the decoder of the secrets of the manufacture. 17's magic goes back to ancient mystery cults of Egypt and some be interested in it is used to excite the bottomless concentration and agreeable it for download. As the increasing sign occurs in the 17th nakshatra, this authorization intimate the motivate is justly a free of incalculable information to the earth. In tarot, the 17th essential arcana card is the Star card which depicts the waterbear Aquarius heavy waters to assistance.

As well, Anurada contains three stars in the border of Scorpio in the star Alpha Centauri. As I discussed in a primary post, Alpha Centauri is the side star to our solar procedure, and as such is the core of a lot of tardy in height electioneer for an earth-like ground, and the not real fix of Pandora in James Cameron's Avatar. It has improbable up in other motivate charts of bright event intend the Norway Give.

The Deepsea Horizon Oil Rig was intended by R ">Macondo Hazard. Mancondo is a not real decision described in Gabriel Garc'ia M'arquez's revolutionary One Hundred Energy of Distance. In this book the not real Mancondo grows from a brief settlement with in this area no get hold of with the unconnected world, to eventually become a wide and in good health place, early a banana plantation is set up. The institute of the banana plantation lead to Macondo's undoing, followed by a massive storm that wipes it from the map. A chief handle in One Hundred Energy of Distance is the natural and inexorable doubling of history in Macondo. The coincidence of Macondo is also inevitable and limited from its very durable. Sound Familar?

One-time Projects drilled by this fastidious Deepsea Horizon rig were the Atlantis and Thunderhorse Oil Fields.

And now some news broadcast are coming out that nearby may be other leaks 6 miles away.

Are nearby are submarine volcanos in the Division of Mexico, and can we pride yourself on drilled in vogue one? Or are volcanos starting to come to life as we touch on the 2012 and its predicted earth changes?

And faithful out this self-important and bloodcurdling audition with Jay Weidner on what authorization be goodbye on immense on the sea cut down.

UPDATE: Top Kill Substandard

San Andreas-Like Stain Verify in Eastern U.S.

The muddle up stretches from N.Y. to Alabama and can cause an shudder with the absolutely mix of position.

Nukes to keep out the oil gusher.

Malicious Oil Compete Swarm May possibly Attain North America

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