Monday, January 18, 2010

Starwood Making Your First Wand

Starwood Making Your First Wand Cover
Some feel the tools of magick must be made by some powerful person with more knowledge than yourself. This just isn't true. Making your own wand is the most powerful thing you can do. making your own tools invests then with your personal power and therefore will work better for you as from its' conception it is imbued with your vibrations, your energy, it is a part of you - a familiar, if you will.

Choose a length of wood - I use tree branches that must be pruned anyway. I like a 12 inch length about the thickness of my finger. When selecting the wood I refer to the magickal vibrations of the different woods. I use apple for love magick, seven barks for money magick, Elder for fairie magick, oak for nature magick, willow for general magick.

You will want a quartz crystal point for the tip - you could use rose quartz on the love wand or amethyst on a wand for spiritual contact and guidance.

Gouge a bit of wood out of the tip of the wand to help hold the crystal - glue with high temp hot glue gun or a strong hold glue - let set.

Now use glue on bottom sides of crystal and top ionch or so of wood, wrap with leather strips or cord or embroidery thread in a color that goes with the purpose of the wand. That helps to secure the crystal. Now wrap the base end of the wand by gluing wood and wrapping with leather or yarn to make a hand hold. Use the same color as on top and cover about 4 inches.

You may decorate the shaft of the wand with symbols that relate to the purpose of the wand, such as runes and other symbols that have meaning for you. You can use a knife, water proof marker, paint, woodburning tool, etc. You could decorate the end of the top yarn with gemstone beads, metalbeads, wood beads and tip it with feathers if you like. Cleanse and consecrate as with any tool.

by Susan Baxter

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