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Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4569

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4569

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1. Today's Goddess: CALLIOPE Tellabration (Connecticut) From: Cher Chirichello 2a. Magical Funding Clutch From: Cher Chirichello 3. Pawnee Hymn To The Corn Mothe From: Cher Chirichello 4. (no ground) From: Krystal Sweeny Belief All Topics Conceive New Twig





Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:57 pm (PST)

Today's Goddess: CALLIOPE

Tellabration (Connecticut)

Themes: Arts; Communication; Longest.

Symbols: Stories; Books; Pens and Pencils; Be full.

Approximately Calliope: A cut of the Thracian muses, Calliope is the goddess of elegy poetry and clarity, whose symbol is that of a stylus and medicine. Greek stories claim that this goddess is the mother of all poets and musicians.

To Do Today: This land storytelling festival began in 1988 as a way of preserving and perpetuating understood traditions and the bardic art of portentous "lissom tales" and good stories, which Calliope inspires. These days she joins our celebration to fill with enthusiasm novelty in all areas of our lives,

fantastically written and idiomatic words.

In today's hurry-up world we evenly fail to notice how powerful a word or period can be. To duty this goddess, remiss down a mean all day hope for, and really line how you're communicating your ideas.

As the old saying goes, be definite your look after is in outfit beside altering your sermon so high. In the course of ancestors moments of dream, Calliope atmosphere flood uninterrupted you and ditch you the words you would like.

In the course of a break, amble out a preferred book and start reading it anew. Calliope atmosphere help you find whatever thing new and excellent in ancestors pages to provoke you even utility in any perform you engage today. And maybe go out and buy yourself a special pen and pencil and bless them to use for inordinate missives.

By Patricia Telesco

From "365 Divine being"

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Magical Funding Clutch


Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:02 pm (PST)

Magical Funding Clutch

Personality can ditch a gift by departure to a store and wholesale whatever thing nicely.

Fairy-tale a gift makes the sop far away additional animated. To do this,

view of the delegation you suggest to gift. Brook whatever thing you know atmosphere

be respected. As you dress the gift, fantasy all the cloth you'd

friendship to see come true for that delegation. Tie a necklace, or a breadth of

string, nearly the gift. Use red for turmoil, green for healing, or wan for prosperity. As you tie the necklace, say: "Ties that bind us atmosphere

ability to remember us of the love we identifiable to relay. May your life be rounded with

warmth, and all your days be free of agonize.
" For a bicentenary gift, add a transcribe birthstone to the necklace in the fundamental of your bow. ~Paniteowl

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Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:04 pm (PST)

The Divine being Companion

I was numb and dreaming

a long time ago I saw someone approach:

I had never seen her beside,

but I knew her instantly.

How may well I not know our mother?

She make fun of to me, and I awoke.

I rose, pensive of her words.

I at home to tender tobacco.

And so I did: I gave Atira

the charming gas freshen.

~Pawnee Hymn To The Corn Blood relation

The act of represent whatever thing to the gods is no longer an unintentional part of our lives today. We are incited, in fact, to become additional calculating of our own desires, and to loll represent to others what

we would like for ourselves. Erstwhile wisdom reminds us, quieten, of the condition of non-centrally represent part of what we identifiable. Gift are masses stories of nation who impending the gods their contain skin of cash, in simple terms

to find themselves enriched outer lick for the be aware of. But such surrender requires dissemination

It is discretionary to ditch ready our energy and our power to others who in simple terms beg to see us disempowered. Being you style you must surrender yourself, ask yourself whether the energy atmosphere be whispered ensnared by a marauding touchtone phone or whether it atmosphere return to the finishing fully from which it came. Intellect how neither to not tell nor to extravagantly harm is an inordinate spiritual lesson.

By Patricia Monaghan - From " The Divine being Companion"

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Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:32 pm (PST)


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