Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Hoodoo Spirits Attack And Defense

The Hoodoo Spirits Attack And Defense
In a gone post I talked about the prayer of dedication I ended to the Hoodoo spirits as part of my new belief (voodoo/hoodoo/shamanism).

The adjoining night I had an give rise to where I felt for myself since attacked at night by abnormal creatures, but was nimble to swathe for myself in my astral deputation (or feasibly etheric, the differences are sometimes amusing I find). I later had copiousness a glowing dream and something else other abnormal bits and pieces happened.

Break up of me was view, oh woah! This stuff is bad! Hitherto, I now see it as part of my serial magical initiation, portray may be grow old when spring entities and magically pleasant community would wish to try and seize a "pop at me", and daydream as any magician or witch knows is systematically when we are at our highest too sensitive. So, since nimble to swathe for myself when asleep is a very imposing magical deftness, and doubtless this is what frequent "Old Hoodoo Self-esteem" were teaching me?

Kindly, the fun continues....

See you on the opposition flooring kid....

TO THE Well-built WORK!

Frater Pan

PS: A new vid of me scrying the 28th Enochian Aethyr neediness be posted straightforwardly. You can moreover test out Crowley's visions of the Aethyrs indoors.

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