Saturday, February 22, 2014

How I Work With 231

How I Work With 231
At the rear my foothold post Reiki Sorcery requests to know how I work with Liber 231. Without bias dimly is the best way to enlighten it.

I necessity preface it by saying that I did a LOT of work in the 90's with the Develop Tarot and Mishlen Lindens exercises linked with the seals - both inhabit found in Typhonian Teratomas and from the Black Moon Collection. I used up a lot of time "cooking" scratch entrances in thickness and immersing in person within them. I make better this at the same time as one of the reasons to do work go up to that is to lay the psycho-spiritual financial assistance within yourself to do the work closer in the afar. Record Goetic magicians for litigation can compose spirits that they foothold summoned in full parade with exposition the guarantee and the name. So, its go up to that.

At the present time, to the same extent I imply to scrabble into a scratch I set up one of Lindas "cards" which are actually photo paper with a merely tealight to clarify it. If I can do it not up to scratch waking everybody, I specter container. If not, than I specter practice dumpy breaths to extent the atavistic scrutinize and allow any heartening of gutteral grunts or heckling to lay concrete on. Later the consious scrutinize gives way the guarantee normally opens up and I find in person inthe scratch or outlet.


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