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Train Them Up Tuesdaytimothy And Scripture

Train Them Up Tuesdaytimothy And Scripture

As Timothy knew the Holy Scriptures from an early age, so it is important for young children today to know the same Holy Scriptures that they might learn of God and His way of salvation through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is God's inspired Word which He has preseved for us and we need to know it if we are to live lives pleasing to God.

Let us observe these things about the Bible-

1. IT SHOULD BE READ. The word Bible means "book," and Scriptures means "writings." It is the best of all books and all writings; for it is the very Word and will of God. It speaks only truth, and is full of the greatest truths. It has done more good in the world than all other books. Everyone has to do with what the Bible makes known. It teaches about God and man, and this world and the world to come. Good men in all ages have loved it.

2. THE BIBLE SHOULD BE READ BY CHILDREN. It is not for aged persons alone. We have seen that there is much in this Holy Book about the young, and for the young; it was put there on purpose to teach them.

It is true there are some things in the Bible hard to be understood. Many years ago a pious man said, "It is like a river: so deep in the middle that an elephant may swim in it, but along the shore a lamb may wade, and not be drowned." You should be like the lamb. There are truths in the Scriptures which the wisest cannot fully understand; but if we have sincere and prayerful hearts, we may learn all that we need to know. If a child seeks to learn from the Bible, and asks God for His blessing, he will become wise, good, and happy.

3. THE BIBLE CAN MAKE CHILDREN "WISE UNTO SALVATION" through faith in Christ Jesus. It teaches us many things; but its great end is to lead to the salvation of the soul. It tells us of the love of a Saviour, of what He is, what He has done, and what He has promised to do for those who believe in Him. Jesus says that we should "search the Scriptures," for they testify of Him. You should search with as much zeal as men seek for jewels in a mine. It contains "the pearl of great price."

YOU SHOULD READ THE BIBLE OFTEN, AND READ IT DAILY. A wise man once said, "Get a little at a time, and as often as you can, and you will soon know a great deal." It is like a gold mine, where a man may dig every day of his life, and find much gold, and yet there will be plenty left for others.

YOU SHOULD ALSO PRAY TO GOD TO TEACH YOU. David was a great and pious man, and he prayed thus: "Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law." If David so prayed, surely you should ask God to help you.

Happy will you be if you should be like a little boy who learned a verse every day, and when he grew up to be a man, that which he had learned in youth was blessed in leading him to love and serve the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. "(I think this was some of Spurgeons writings.)"

I DO KNOW how important it is for children to memorize the Word of God. It will always be there somewhere in the memory part of your brain. You may have thought in later life that you had forgotten. But just when you need it -it comes to mind. I can still quote the first verse I ever learned as a child and I am now a great grandmother. Timothy had a mother and grandmother that influenced his life. "WHEN I CALLED TO REMEMBRANCE THE UNFEIGNED FAITH THAT IS IN THEE, WHICH DWELT FIRST IN THEY GRANDMOTHER LOIS, AND THY MOTHER EUNICE; AND I AM PERSUADED THAT IN THEE ALSO. 2TIMOTHY 1:5

Paul wrote this to Timothy in his epistle. So the best advise I can give Mothers and Grandmothers is to encourage your children to memorize the Scripture. I remember my Mother writing down a memory verse on a piece of paper and giving one to each child every week. I thank God many times over that she did this. It has helped me in many a hard place on this Christian journey.

By Aliene @meditationsandmemories.blogspot.com

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