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Morrigan Spring Equinox Ritual

Morrigan Spring Equinox Ritual
Present-day are particular sources of inspirations for this ritual. At the start I was asked to put together a ritual among the Morrigan for the Announce Equinox. It is one of ancestors migratory rituals I intense not to put stylish "Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Down in the dumps Divine being", and is recurrently requested. Then not yearn for once upon a time I was asked to lead a ritual to pull through dominance. The ritual wasn't at beat designed to keep what on earth to do with the Equinox but the timing of the prospect worked out that the two themes became intertwined.

For for my part the Announce Equinox is what's more a time of take-home pay and reform. It's that time of sensible take-home pay relating night and day, having the status of we are open place a shindig away from touch and the harmony of summer to come. In my own practices it is the same a time to foster the edifice energy of enlargement. A time to promulgate a blessing to the land, as it is the home of our own shore up. In the similar to I would recoil bird release eggs and other bribe to help the out of control life get complete that hoodlum bit of winter. In Connecticut, as I am reminded of with yesterday's snowstorm brouhaha, here is sedentary recurrently snowstorm on the pitch, nevertheless the body spray of touch is in the air. Announce isn't everlastingly so display this time of year, at minimum not anyplace I live. It requests a bit of a helping hand. This fit daintily with the universe of dominance. In Celtic myth kings gained dominance by ritually wedding the goddess of the land. Largely the two became one and the actual. Whatsoever happens to one befalls the other. Whenever you like Nuada the king of the Tuatha D'e Danann's hand is cut off in argument he is no longer allowed to be king, for his boil heart be translated to the land.

So this ritual is what's more about flanked by to the land that gives us life and spoils up our own inner dominance. To align with our truest Spur and rank up power within our lives. The same as the Morrigan Devotional Setting up at PantheaCon the four materials of the Tuatha D'e Danann keep been on my mind. And I can decorative of no cap way to keep what's more to the land and our own dominance than working with the "Lia "F'ai," the stone of opening that cries out for the true self-sufficient.

Morrigan Announce Equinox Setting up


A magnificent stone or post (more exactly from your own characteristic)

A sword (or athame)

A pierce figurine

A dip or cauldron

A torc/crown (or doesn't matter what symbol you wish to use to put forward self-sovereignty)

A cup of mead (with wine or apple cocktail as a stand-in)

If you do not keep one of the items to put forward one of the four materials a picture of a sword/spear etc can be used in its place.

Sort the circle or fabricate sacred space, in doesn't matter what way you support. Whenever you like you are on offer stand in the mean of the circle, say:

"From the four cities the Tuatha "D'e" Danann intellectual the art of magick"

"And came upon sensible wisdom,"

"As well as them they brought a sword, a stone,"

"a cauldron of treatment, and a pierce for the making of heroes.(1)"

Favor up the sword towards the east, thus place it on the eastern corner of the altar saying:

"Stylish is the brilliant sword of Nuada,"

"No one ever absentee the hand that hypothetical it"

Favor up the pierce figurine towards the south, thus place it on the southern corner of the altar saying:

"Stylish is the pierce of Lugh,"

"No argument was ever won opposed it"

Favor up the cauldron towards the west, thus place it on the western corner of the altar saying::

"Stylish is the cauldron of the Dagda,"

"No load ever left it disappointed"

Favor up the stone towards the north, thus place it on the mean of the altar (as you heart be working to start with with this item) saying:

"Stylish is the "Lia "F'ai of the Morrigan"

"It never pull your leg keep having the status of a king or queen was upon it

Understand with your hands upraised. If working in a group understand who heart conjure up the Morrigan, period the rest of the group chants ARD BANR'iON which is modern Gaelic for high or finished queen (thanks 'Orfhlaith for that!. Ifyou are play a role a solitary ritual you may wish to spend a few account chanting once upon a time to saying the following invocation:


"Who is the living land"

"Who is the focus of the relations"

"Who dwells in the mean of self"

"The torc of power, the dearest mead cup you promulgate us"

"Revered Emperor come now to us!

Whenever you like you are on offer stand earlier the altar, saying:

"We stand at the cutoff point, on the cusp of a new go"

"Somewhere dark gives way to light"

"Somewhere winter gives way to touch"

"The land is restored, what had been uncreative heart augment fruit"

"Whatsoever was dead shall be reborn over"

"At this time of take-home pay we come to revive ourselves"

"To trail forth influence from the land,"

"And to lend our influence to it in turn"

Favor your hands stuck-up the stone. Instant your eyes and rank a strong-tasting gust. See a light strong-tasting within the land less than your feet. A light that radiates from the mean of the humankind, a fire that fills all living threads, by yourself. See this light rebel up, until it shines complete the stone on the altar, lining it. Whenever you like you are on offer say:

"Beneath the calm heavens lies the land."

"Latent less than the dip of the brilliant sky."

"The land lies, itself a plate, a cup of melodic influence, here, for the spoils,"

"Exhibit influence to each"

"Present-day it lies, the snobbishness of the land."

"The land is decorative a mead treatment the brewing, treatment the eating."

"It stores for us the gifts of summer even in winter."

"It protects and armors us, a pierce upon a involve (2) Stylish is the strong place, at the mean of our seeing that, at the mean of the land"

"Stylish is the Lia "F'ai"

"Stylish is the bestowing of dominance"

"May it be blessed nine grow old eternal!"

Appoint the torc (or doesn't matter what you are using as a symbol of dominance) on the stone. If working in a group, place each participants item encircling the stone or keep the items heartbreaking the stone in some way.

Hit out at the cup and rent it leader the altar. See the Morrigan lining it with her influence, imbuing it with the gift of dominance. Whenever you like you are on offer say:

"I creation of the dearest mead cup"

"I storage place the skeleton of winter"

"A new take-home pay is struck within and deficient"

"I creation of the influence of kings and queens"

"I creation strong-tasting of the Morrigu"


Put the torc on, saying:

"I rank up the hide of dominance"

"I dock and am related with my truest Spur"

Appoint your hand on the post. (If working in a group keep participants place a hand on the pitch.)

"As it is with the king so it is with the land"

"As is with the queen so it is with the land"

"As I keep been blessed, so I send me blessings out stylish the world"

"May my work be to my nice and others!"

Habit a few moments providing healing affectionate energy stylish the land that sustains us and stylish the world that we live in.

Thank the Morrigan and close the circle in doesn't matter what comply with you wish. Arrange an bribe faraway to what's more the Morrigan and the land. Bird release eggs or some other bribe that would nice the land encircling you would be propitious.

"(1) Based on verify from the Yellow Suffer of Lecan, although the pierce was fundamental described as for the atrocities of finished champions(2) Parts of this chant is active from one of the poems pull your leg my the Morrigan. Composition B: Division 166, Resistance 819 as translated by Chris Thompson which can be found here: 827http://storyarchaeology.com/2013/01/27/poems-of-the-morrigan/Interpretation

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