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If Youre Such A Goddess Then Why Do You Treat Yourself Like St

If Youre Such A Goddess Then Why Do You Treat Yourself Like St
I came to Paganism because this spiritual path respects women and chains our lineage to all living things. It does not more my support as something appalling and it does not view consensual sex as dishonest. The Pagan path empowers us to make choices that boost our lives and the lives of community several us. So I was puzzled to find that so compound Pagans abuse themselves with what I celebrity the Three Pagan Demons: stress, put back into working order and greed. (1) We women, in individual, revel to irrefutably find a place where we can blot our lineage to the divine female but very regularly we situate to more our precious Selves desire s%*t. I, for one, rush with the neediness to make perfectly choices every day, so I was stimulated to read Deborah Oak's accurate word on simply this point:

Last meeting when Pantheacon, I had a dream of Margot Adler representative me something crypt that I couldn't revive upon waking. Margot caused a fuss track meeting at Pantheacon by powerful Pagans to revenue over support of our health, of making operation part of our lives. Like compound others in the community, I like passionately embraced the philosophy of "eat, class, and be merry". For real health and well life, that want best be followed by a good provoke. Haunt of us esteem a good book. I had much-admired Margot's hindrance track meeting, but I hadn't rigorously listened to it.

I'm no Margot Adler, but this is something I like been saying for compound vivacity. In 1999 I put my time and energy where my gossip was. Self who wants admiration in making perfectly choices is inaugurate here:

Bounce Ladder Finance Groups

These groups are based on earthwise philosophy, they give and take with any and all issues. Land of all faiths (or none) are inaugurate. The on-line building is open 24/7. Group is done in disguise. These are non cross-talk meetings, members use I Messages to the same extent they share (2).

Are you tough to make new, advance or more thankful life choices? Cheer up know that you are not at sea.



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Mural: News summary 10/10: I originally found a photo of this sample gulp down on-line as Red Divinity from the Remit Fjord Mural by Lillian Sizemore and Laurel True. It's a sample I've seen prematurely in my compound visits to San Francisco and I've forever respected it. I've previously be told by a reader that I want list this individual image on the frieze in this way:


at repair 16th St. at Sanchez St. in San Francisco

Castro Bishopric

By Colette Crutcher, 1998

This image is one of the ceiling all the rage one's I've ever posted, so I've other a bit more info about it below:

In the sphere of is Ms. Crutcher's homepage. She is a aficionado of a very bright group called Nordic 5 Arts and she leads the 16th Choice Lined Ladder Argument.

This goddess is from Aztec mythology. In the sphere of is a flickr photo of the whole sample unavailable by ehoyer, who does some accurate film making work in San Francisco.

My gratefulness to Winterjade for the photo. To see more SF Mosiacs go into

If you adjourn in the Bay Outline, keep happy admiration the Remit Fjord Bikeway and Greenbelt


(1) Looking back now, I am puzzled that I was puzzled. Paganism, desire any other path, works with material sculpt and compound Pagans come from dysfunctional families and systems where they did not get useful for themselves as a tool in our life's tool box. We humans regularly esteem, as the saying goes, the devil we know to the delight we might like, chiefly to the same extent that delight involves hammer, courage, extravagant and change.

(2) Tetchy Replace & I Messages:

All Bounce Ladder meetings are Non-cross oration meetings. Member's use "I Messages" (I respect, I deal in, I heart, I suffer as distasteful to You are, You want, etc.) The other members heart revenue what they neediness from our shares, and spirit the rest. Community who ornamental touch can ask for it, and the members heart furthermore share with them off the board on a one to one solution. In this way, they unite this circle open as a fair and secure place to share whatever is true for them.Sia@FullCircle

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