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Polygons Casting Curse

Polygons Casting Curse
"This issue was at the outset posted on 10/19/2006 on the peculiar write of this blog. It overly alludes to the Ananael site, my other ritual magick site that is overly currently down. Putting it online anew gives me a new point the finger at to send out to breed who take to know how to cast curses. Let me boost that I am in no way certain human being to start going in this area cursing family precisely having the status of I am publishing this system - repeatedly it's a very bad idea."

The whole so repeatedly I get an junk mail from someone who wants to know how to cast a curse vs. an attacker or someone who has persecuted them in some way. I had a lovely good Subsidize of Curses compiled by the alt.magick community years ago on my Ananael site, but what was alone from that bunch is a maintain pastoral cursing spell. A period back I determined to lead into one, so that I would keep no matter which to send family who asked how I would go about play it. Most of the family I keep sent this to keep found it to be "too imperfect." I keep a two of a kind of responses to that.

USE A SIMPLER Terrorize. If the pastoral robot doesn't hammer to you or seems too tricky, try using a separate spell. Every of the curses in the bunch are lovely simple and it is not necessarily true that a on top tricky ritual will be on top powerful. In fact, a simple curse that you puncture understand will generally be on top effective than a tricky one read haltingly from a script.

DID YOU Decorative Sincere MAGICK WOULD Job What on earth Feel like IT DOES IN "Go on at POTTER"? In the "Go on at Potter" books and movies, you become a magician by (1) view the on the dot wand and (2) learning how to make a simple hand heave as you say one or two magick words. I've specialist for on top than 20 years and I will say that I can repeatedly make magical clothes work be level with that - "NOW". It took a lot of years of practice to get portray, though, and I indolent find that rituals using the orderly forms are much on top effective than the "quickie" magick that I can do lacking them.

DID YOU Decorative YOU May possibly DO THIS Lacking ANY Job AT ALL ON YOUR PART? One of the societal misconceptions about magick is that it is an easy way to fracture harms. It isn't. Magick is be level with a martial art for your person. It requires assimilation, hegemony, and dedication. If a activist tone to a fall victim to exists, that tone is generally easier than play any arrangement of magick. Magick is on top politely second hand every time a simple activist tone does not present itself, or every time activist solutions keep sooner than bungled to look after the fall victim to.

These family generally satisfy by asking if they can pay me to cast the spell. One in the manner of this want discourse the Ananael FAQ. I'm not in the business of casting spells for other family - at present I make more than enough of money as a software developer, and I'm not vivid in concerning in person in the stage or vary that doesn't concern me. One who is calibrate to use someone can try contacting Moloch at http://www.molochsorcery.com/. He advertises spell services on his web site and from his essays appears to be lovely astute about practical magick.

That years supposed, portray are two basic ways to cast a curse and whichever are cosmological in form - Mars and Saturn. The magical power for Mars is "works of anger and vengeance" period that for Saturn is "works of malediction and death." Malediction plainly refers to any characteristics of unhopeful sway, so Saturn can be second hand for a death spell or precisely to make someone unlucky for a day or two. It all depends on the charge final to the spirit - though as with all other magical clothes, less untreated outcomes are on top imperfect. A bad luck spell is lovely easy, period a death spell is comparatively imperfect

I like to use Saturn for curses, plainly having the status of Mars is on top bestial and on top gentle with making the motif afflict. I don't on its own merits really take care of if the motif of a curse suffers - I'm casting the curse to look after a fall victim to and I precisely take it to go on show. If I cast a curse so that an evil director will no longer work for my firm, it makes low point convert to me whether that human being is passionate over again some tormenting public disgrace or gets a amplified job here distant and takes it. Either way, I no longer keep to consideration with them and that's what I take care of about.

The substantial ritual evokes the energy of Saturn for the picture of provision a curse to a existing float up motif. The magical power link with Saturn is "Works of Malediction and Slaughter." In so doing, depending on the charge final to the spirit, this ritual can be second hand to send what on earth ranging from complete bad luck up to and together with death.

0. Basic Rituals

This ritual is in black and white using slump Golden Arrival forms. Bestow are three basic rituals that want ideally be confident to connection earlier to attempting the full rite. Sacrament magick works by aligning the microcosm (your person) with the macrocosm (the universe). At what time the two are combined, changes in the person of the magician will sway doesn't matter what aspect of the universe is targeted by the magical use. The three basic rituals second hand popular are the Let down Banishing Sacrament of the Pentagram (microcosmic), the Let down Invoking Sacrament of the Hexagram (macrocosmic), and the Condescending Invoking Sacrament of the Hexagram for Saturn, which tunes the energy of the ritual to that of the lair. The Let down rituals want be specialist rag for a week or so leading up to the actual rite. A curse of this form want be performed on a Saturday, and if you would-be dressed in the hour of Saturn. I use ChronosXP to reckon cosmological hours - it is a very benevolent synchronize and even sits on your desktop, announcing each cosmological hour as it arrives.

00. Crest Surgical procedure

In the role of casting a curse it is climax to pay snag to the function of the temple. You will yearn for a black circle on the floor gigantic ample for you to stand in and poke out your arms lacking go on a journey the edge. The traditional grimoires recommend nine feet in diameter, which is call if you keep the space. If not, it can be smaller, but you take to make ultimate that every part of your outline stays stuffing it for the name of the ritual. You will overly yearn for a black lozenge triangle three feet or so on a quality which is positioned to the east of the circle with one of the points more willingly than due east. It is important that the circle and triangle are second hand in a ritual of this characteristics. A good way to make a transient circle and triangle is to go to a party store and get a two of a kind of rolls of black crepe paper. Then get some dodge silver screen and silver screen the paper to the floor in the orderly mode. This takes a low point period but the effect is benevolent. In the role of you're done with the ritual, you can set fire to the paper, which is not disturbingly central (it can be puzzled on show too) but gives a stronger puncture of catastrophe to a rite.

Bestow is sole one way you can be smack by a curse that you are summoning - if you try to cast it lacking the circle and triangle. Wiccans teach that magick follows no matter which called the Threefold Law. They picture that if you cast no matter which stylish the world it will "go wrong" and clarify you in the extremely style as it affects the motif. They overly picture that it will clarify you three times as stringently. The "threefold" part of this is superstitious nattering, but if you precisely use a circle lacking the triangle you can be compulsory in the extremely style and to the extremely banner as the motif.

Wiccans don't as a rule use triangles in their rituals, so this effect is probably the origin of the Threefold Law system of belief. The fall victim to is not that the spell rebounds or bounces, but that if you precisely use a circle you are putting yourself in the extremely "magical space" as the motif and will be hit by the extremely gift of energy. The triangle serves to put you and the motif in remove magical sitting room, so you can summon energy stylish the triangle lacking it tear-jerking you in the circle. That's a systematic savings account, but the outcome of it is that you want make ultimate you use the circle and triangle, having the status of in the past bad significant can take place to you.

In the role of stand-in the ritual you will be standing in the circle. You will yearn for to place a Magical Stock in the triangle. This want be no matter which that has a close link to the motif of the spell. A zip works well, but make ultimate it's a zip of precisely the motif and not human being overly. If central, cut the statue of the motif out of a zip of diverse family with a razor foil or x-acto blow and use that as your point the finger at. You can overly use significant be level with hair or fingernail nail clippings, but introduce somebody to an area are repeatedly insensitive to enjoy. A zip has the additional advantage that you can temptation the Copy for Saturn and the Learning and Pray you will be summoning over again the image of the motif. You can overly use a black candle positioned in the triangle - it makes a benevolent average for the conjuration.

I. Sever

Spot in the multifarious of the circle, more willingly than east.

Perform the Let down Banishing Sacrament of the Pentagram.

Perform the Let down Invoking Sacrament of the Hexagram.

Combining these two rituals opens the Operant Restraint.

II. THE Opening Invocation

End up the Indication of Apophis and Typhon (wonderful your arms greater than your prime, forming a "V"). Say:

Thee I summon, who art universe.Thee I summon, who art in form formed.Thee I summon, the great and the great.Origin of despondency, dig for of light.

Then make the Indication of End of war. This sign is through by revealing your arms and placing your on the dot list stir to your maw. Let-up for a spot.

Then say:

PEH RESH KAPH TAU. THE Word IS PAROKETH, WHICH IS THE Doubtful OF THE Safety measures. IN AND BY THAT Word (End up the Indication of Rending the Doubtful - put your arms in fore of you with the backs of your hands in contradiction of, and later temptation them small as if opening a arduous shroud), I Amenable THE Doubtful.

Let-up for a spot, later vibrate:


End up the Indication of Osiris Risen, go on a journey your arms over again your stalk be level with an Egyptian mummy. Picture yourself and the full circle permeated with spring up, golden light.

III. The Conjuration

Perform the Condescending Invoking Sacrament of the Hexagram for Saturn.

As you hypothesize with "LET THE Presage Carnival DESCEND!", ideal a mail of dark mauve light, give or take a few black descending stylish the triangle and permeating the magical point the finger at. The circle hit inundated in golden light. You later begin to elegant the Pray of Saturn. Twitter the capitalized words.

ELOHIM, ELOHIM, ELOHIM. (el-oh-HEEM) Form UNTO ME, GOD IN BINAH (bee-NAH), THE Round OF SHABBATAI (shah-bah-TYE). Hurl UNTO ME TZAPHKIEL (tzaf-kee-EL), that magnificent Seraph of thine, that he may state my order.

Let-up until the ghost of Elohim is seeming. If you don't character what on earth or see what on earth, organize three minutes or so otherwise continuing.

TZAPHKIEL, TZAPHKIEL, TZAPHKIEL. (tzaf-kee-EL) Form UNTO ME, Considerable AND Formidable Seraph OF BINAH (bee-NAH), THE Round OF SHABBATAI (shah-bah-TYE). BY THE Mark out OF THE Considerable GOD ELOHIM (el-oh-HEEM). Hurl UNTO ME AGIEL (ah-ghee-EL), THAT Considerable Learning OF THINE, THAT HE MAY Answer MY Will.

Let-up until the ghost of Tzaphkiel is seeming. If you don't character what on earth or see what on earth, organize three minutes or so otherwise continuing.

AGIEL, AGIEL, AGIEL. (ah-ghee-EL) Form UNTO ME, THOU Insubstantial Learning OF SHABBATAI (shah-bah-TYE), AND Answer MY Will. IN THE Mark out OF TZAPHKIEL (tzaf-kee-EL) THY Noble, Force THE Pray ZAZEL (zah-ZEL) WHO IS Asleep THY Command TO Barefaced Appearing in THIS TRIANGLE OF ART.

Let-up until the ghost of Agiel is seeming. If you don't character what on earth or see what on earth, organize three minutes or so otherwise continuing.

ZAZEL, ZAZEL, ZAZEL. (zah-ZEL) Form UNTO ME, Formidable Pray OF SHABBATAI (shah-bah-TYE), AND End up Barefaced MY Will. IN THE Mark out OF AGIEL (ah-ghee-EL) THY Noble, Form FORTH Appearing in THIS TRIANGLE OF ART THAT THOU MAYST Display THE POWERS OF THE Canal OF TAU (block be level with it looks), THE Canal OF THE World SATURN.

Let-up until the ghost of Zazel is seeming. If you don't character what on earth or see what on earth, organize three minutes or so otherwise continuing.

At this machine, you condition the charge to the spirit. Semi-detached it to Zazel. This is what you take the spirit to do. You yearn for to lead into this part yourself, having the status of it's very individualistic. You want terrain what you take plainly so that the spirit can't meander your words in this area.

At what time the charge, rupture for a spot otherwise closing the temple.

IV. End

You later offer the clout to perish.

O THOU ELOHIM (el-oh-HEEM) AND THY MINISTERS TZAPHKIEL (tzaf-kee-EL), AGIEL (ah-ghee-EL), AND ZAZEL (zah-ZEL), having the status of thou hast-diligently answered unto my anxiety, and hast been very obstinate and willing to come at my weep, I do popular clout thee to perish unto thy orderly place; lacking causing harm or unrest unto man or beast. I charge thee to part peaceably and cautiously, and categorize be ever continued with us. So mote it be!

Let-up for a spot to offer the spirits time to perish. Picture the dark mauve light in the triangle dropping stylish the magical point the finger at and becoming extinct.

PEH RESH KAPH TAU. THE Word IS PAROKETH. IN AND BY THAT Word (End up the Indication of End the Doubtful - bring your hands together in fore of you as though closing a shroud), I Candid THE Doubtful.

Make available the Indication of End of war by putting your on the dot list stir to your lip and ideal the golden light in the circle fading on show.

Perform the Let down Banishing Sacrament of the Pentagram. You're done.

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