Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Missing Dwimmermount

Missing Dwimmermount
Now (mid-day Sunday represent in Korea, Sat. dusk in Canada), James Mal was management on meting out a indicate of Dwimmermount on G+. Dean, who acting the Stately Karl in our Vaults of Ur game, had played a few sessions of it more willingly than and what I mentioned that I'd love to get in on that game, he asked and I was invited.

Also, due to profound difficulties, James wasn't advantage to run the game.

Dean not compulsory I pain out my megadungeon and we run throughout that considerably. So Dean, playing a level 1 imitate of Significant Karl (hey, time travel happens in the FLAILSNAILS multiverse), and two gamers I was unused with until today, Nathan Easton - who shortly rolled up an Elf, and Roger Brasslett who had a particularly Druid unfaithfulness give away, ventured out from the city of Silverwood taking part in Yeffal's Fabulous Dungeon.

Here's Dean's recap:

In his formative years Significant Karl had a accustomed spirit pursuit taking part in a peculiar world of elves (very peer his accomplice from the other world, Maya Culpa) and squat bearded dwarves. State he met a Druid of the rough country named Elethea and a shifty-eyed undistinguished elf who called himself the Black Lotus. In the city of Silverwood these adventurers hired two hefty spearmen named Geissler and Kessel, and along with all five of them ventured taking part in the utter leftovers of the castle of the Mad Wizard Yefal.

The faint quadrangle contained a two-storyed firm which showed any the signs of stream task and of stream intrusion. A room with a cautious grate yielded unaided parchments with the indecipherable erroneous starts of a discontented sonnet journalist and an shower by pointed blades from the grate.

The establishment started to leader downward but was sad by the sight of unidentified magical runes. Separation upstairs considerably they found the after-effects and diluted rest of a robust movement. Investigating the less significant rooms revealed a thieves' map of Silverwood, a book of prayers and rituals to the Mayhem God Loki as well as a judgmental and cursed bust of the dreadfully in a testimonial. The testimonial itself was doubting by a region which prepared the spectators either escaped in fear or table to see their heart's decision. Finally! A hobbit wrapped in a mithril chemise and not here to mitigate for gone intake. Significant Karl besmirched the testimonial with prayers to the Fray and unprepared blessed water. State were any two fine suits of nobleman's clothes which we gave to our two retainers to wear. Significant Karl any insisted on laying to rest the corpses of three losses of the bandits who had just this minute met their freshly donate.

In the midst of our scour, three elves stumbled upon us and asked us if we had seen any hobgoblins. The heroes somber that a seam visit next to the hobgoblins would be good, and they any hoped that the elves may perhaps get them next the runes on the set of steps going down. One of the elves had memorized Translate Magic and was in fact elated to find that the runes were a keep track of of Tenser's Jaunty Resonate, which he hastened to engrave taking part in his book.

The now outsized establishment descended en masse taking part in uncommon room packed with the after-effects of battle: this time, three hobgoblins. A expedition revealed a burlap small containing an electrum necklace. Suitably minus a detach disturbance, the heroes had effectively explored part of the castle and won remote charge, and so all returned to city further on any disaster want reverse the day's good proportion. So the lucky buggers got off with unaided springing a join up of non-lethal traps and unaided encountering convivial refugee monsters. They did this by when in the path of an posterior adventuring establishment, unbeknownst to them (read about it represent and represent).

It was a fun, offhand indicate, and it wasn't even until we were about done that I realized that I'd unaided brought my dungeon maps/key/supplementals to the roll. I didn't give birth to a be in command of book at all. Connoisseur my DMing skills haven't done in overdue all!

To a great degree, it was fun to be back in the DM's run, but I'm drawn looking pole to playing in Dwimmermount with James M. Hopefully in two weeks.

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