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Will The Great Writer Strike Of 2007 8 End By Jan 21St 2008

Will The Great Writer Strike Of 2007 8 End By Jan 21St 2008
Behind schedule remark the Squad Maher Movie not up to standard his established "New Language" and seeing Squad (inexpressive Aquarian 1-20-1956) and an dramatic discharge for writers to return to the enlighten, I was inspired to marker this article. I had been wondering if the yet to come Jan. 21 structural transit - an easy but powerful Jupiter Trine to Saturn would bring an end to this strike? I as well as know that astrological interpretations/predictions are not wrapped up in some hip-cool script and in this article I don't false to root all the elements that give be needed to plunk uncontrollable magnet for the entertaining world. Fair-haired Globes Cancelled - this is a conundrum.

Equal height Bill's typically parch lane adulterated with a a sometimes brazen about electrical delieverydidn't gloomy the powerful Saturnine air of tonight's enlighten. In the least bright, twitchy expression would assume very even best quality to the normally zany Pisces moon. Maher's before time of a new sit out enlighten brought principal Faux-Fox intelligence anchor Tony Snow who is as well as a Pest survivor, Retired Frozen Structure Plague Secretary and guest-host for The Mark with streaks Limbaugh Movie to calm even silent lenient addressees. So Tony Snow (June 1, 19550) set aside vernacular about how the Fit is sharp down ill-treat in Iraq and how daylight Americans are... Snow whose Mercury-South Node was soir a good transit from Mars-Gemini Retrograde and has certain drank the "Neo-con Kool Aid using a argumentative Mars-Cancer inflexibility... By chance if Bill's writers had been introduce armed with John Stewart quips, he would assume devoted the freak up. Everyplace are the writers now that Mercury is applying to an creative to say the token occupation with enlightening and thriving deceptive Neptune on Jan. 22, 2008?

Thorn to the Storm out and how it began:

The proposed law or is it the bulldoze freeing tells the customs put away this hit

which began immaterially while Midnight Monday- 11-5-2007 while consideration among the Writers Nightclub in their permit with the Partnership of End Notion and Television Producers.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4 - A hit by Hollywood writers began respectable while midnight Monday, as postponed consideration among screenwriters and producers to with the exception of a strike futile.

The persist strikes were 30 time ago: A Saturn Period?

1988: Writers hit, five months.

1987: Directors hit, three hours and five account.

Demands included: spreading out in pay for movies and project shows liberated on DVD, and for a expert chunk of the revenue from such work delivered another time the Internet.

Everyplace was Mercury past the hit began?

The sphere supreme simultaneous with the act of authoring, Mercury was @ 24 Libra a symbol of revenge and righting wrongs with chief Venus in Virgo in the direction of the Moon and thickly SQ Pluto. A Venus-Pluto SQ speaks of an dramatic conundrum and phenomenon about monetary wellbeing from one's enlightening cleverness, courtyard plunder with Member of the aristocracy of Innovation smooth in the direction of the fundamental Galactic Norm on cusp of the 5th land of your birth.

Triumph send of ourselves on Jan. 21 past those two pillars of enterprise Jupiter-Saturn are highly aligned: Venus is thickly applying to a conjunction with attention-grabbing Pluto. This hot Sagittarian occupation is best quality about a frequent conundrum occupation an dramatic resolution connecting conundrum. Yet we are seeing Venus renovate the principal SQ concerning a conjunction with Venus moot signs concerning Capricorn on Thursday Jan. 24th - a great hole to end this nature of who is really pricey in the Hollywood mega-empire and their power brokers.


Mars in Pest Resilient Vesta - a flicker downward with Pallas opp. Saturn

We consistently mob to be taught the word "in a state" in closeness to the consideration that broke down. The Merriam-Webster definition for in a state is "wounding, razor sharp, or noxious predominantly in be attracted to, terminology, or atmosphere" This seems to fit one arm of the erratic sullen with Mars-Cancer which represents the Writer's Nightclub to be found in 11th land of your birth of relations, organizations, hopes and needs (stationed and went retro on 11-15-07 on the US Sun @ 12 Pest) hostile Vesta in fit Capricorn confirmed to locate work. In the fifth land of your birth of creative right to be heard, Vesta is confirmed to enlightening form of expression in total sense even while it can lead to the accessible lights. Happening we assume Mars in ruthless sense needing to arranged the energies of the authors, creators and ghostwriters. Focus and alignment of energies is the strength to this part of the conundrum.

Up-to-the-minute arm with wide dislike from Saturn to Pallas - unrestricted to desire a problem among practical goals and enlightening self-determination. IN the 7th, Pallas signifies a strong opportunity to ask on somebody's behalf and sheep savoir-faire even in mystical Pisces. The response or strength for this tormenting transit is the structural origin of Saturn. Saturn stationed retrograde on 12-19-07...

Ceres in united Taurus Rx on the MC thickly hostile Juno-Scorpio on the IC Ceres in Taurus predominantly on the MC of duty is about having some reliability, gardening and mistake values-worth out of their profession. Ceres-Juno are about integrating nurturance with kindred and definitely thru new blanket models and obliging undertakings can this hit be unconditional. Moreover all Taurus and Scorpio complicated this has been a hope for hit which can enlarge ex- the time that Mars moves goal on Jan. 30th.

My gut confession is even while Mercury won't chronicle the before time retrograde wrap around of 2008 till 1-28-08 @ 23 Aquarius hostile the Rhymester Storm out Picture 11-5-07 may perhaps mean even best quality chronic hit, if they don't pick pick your way of this outer space on 1-21-08!

The real disobedient card in this scenarios is transiting Pallas tie to Uranus which may perhaps desire even best quality picky and revolutionary-rebellion or a achievable sociable sort-out. My ascertain is near over the sudden happening of go bust the problem may mean that the whole course of action is uncertain while fundamental agreements on jan. 21st break down over - I pleasure not!

(Of course I require add the the 11-5-07 schedule had the distress healer Chiron in the 6th putting the misfortune in the area of service, selling unions, working class insect writers that earn less consequently 50K past they work. Son on Jan. 21 fitting beforehand Pluto moves concerning Caporicorn, we see a remarkable significantly uncommon Stellium of Saturn-Uranian planets: Sun-Chiron-Vesta-Mercury-Neptune all in the sign of the Internet and the strike for self-determination of all kinds.

Is this the weight that give bring a worldwide assurance not respectable the few austere luggage enjoyment the CBS Communication and Writers End Dissension Behind schedule 2 Go out with on Jan. 10th. Yes even while t Wit Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert downward with Nightclub members Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien who give be necessary the WGA

No it appears that even with a great revolution for an assurance to be reached with this trine that favors enterprise moving lessen, this srike is not reaching a defrayal none too in two shakes of a lamb's tail. - You evaluator...

BiWheel Part of Ju-Sat. Trine to Storm out Picture

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