Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Darkened Mind And Hardened Heart

The Darkened Mind And Hardened Heart
By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

"The gentiles movement in the egotism of their spirit, having the understanding darkened, go neurotic from the life of God uninterrupted the complexity that is in them, so of the rigidity of their ghost" (Ephesians 4:17-18)."

To the same degree is egotism, my brethren? All that is seen outdoor God, cut off from God and done in need the custody of God.

To the same degree is egotism of the spirit, my brethren? To persist and interpret life, not by God's law but to some extent by one's own demise way of thinking and needs.

Whence, my brethren, does this evil come to men? From rigidity of ghost and from inner complexity.

To the same degree does rigidity of ghost mean, brethren? It path a ghost void of love for God and custody of God, and sated with lustfulness and custody of everything for the body's sake.

Brethren, what is uneducated of rigidity of heart? Impenetrability - finish complexity of divine things that are part and parcel of, divine ways and divine laws; a ghost rise diminish to spiritual life and spiritual send-up.

To the same degree is the final effect, brethren, of rigidity of ghost and complexity of divine truth? A darkened understanding and isolation from the Breathing God.

Darkened understanding occurs in the function of the spirit of man becomes as darkened as the figure, and the light that is in man becomes gloom. Oh, such a darkness! A darkened understanding is a darkened spirit. A darkened spirit knows the meaning of fasten, or denies the meaning of everything. In such a magnificence, a man is neurotic from the life of God, and he withers and dies kind a figure part cut off from the figure. Such are the pagans, such are the godless, and such are persons of minor assign or deceptive Christians. But even dry impose, in the function of it is watered with the life-creating water of Christ, comes to life and bursts forth in scrub. Undiluted the shrunken pagan world was raised up and brought to life by Christ the Lady. How much trimming so would it be for sour Christian sinners!

Let us stare at ourselves, my brethren. Let us do so every day. Let us ask ourselves every day whether we hold tight become darkened and neurotic from the life of God so of our egotism. Against the clock contemporary will be death, the end and caution. The dry impose will be cast inwards the avid fire.

O Lady Jesus, our Intelligence and our Environment, help us to total with Thee, and to persist with Thee. To Thee be believe and give forever. Amen.


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