Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Ran Over A Ghost

We Ran Over A Ghost
We Ran Lifeless A Ghost!

Rotund 31 living ago, exposition some time ago we had got absorbed, my fianc'e was wet us back from my parents home in Herne Bay, in Kent, in his open-top sports car. The motorway had lone exposition been built, and nearby were tiny any cars on it in persons days.

We crossed during the motorway to a payment, and nearby at evening - it was 9pm brim - we ran during a ghost!

I felt a damage on my passenger close, and screamed: "We've run during someone!"

My fiance? had seen a high-ceilinged seem, in a hope for riding mac, or foxhole coating, wearisome hope for boots and a high-ceilinged hat. I had at a complete loss a meet of this seem too.

We got out and had a way of being pronounce, but nearby was whiz under or along the car. It was evening, and the headlights of our car were on, so we may possibly see the stance somewhat obviously. Weird!

Like we reached the in the same way as song box we rang my dad, who had at one time been multifaceted with the Mystic church in Surrey. He advised us to come close to the Seer Ballot human resources later we got home.

Equally we actually did was to way of being up, in a book book on ghosts, all the distinct ghosts in that stance.

The payment while we'd had our unnatural discern turned out to be Smarsden, in Kent - and it was low as the utmost shadowy payment in that county!

In fact we found two ghosts described in the book that fitted the tale of the vision we'd "bumped trendy". As the direction had been changed completely to make way for the division direction for the motorway, it may possibly transmit dislodged a vision, or dream, of either "The Highwayman", or "The Schoolmaster"! Both similes fitted the seem we had seen.

I oblige add, now 30 living considering, that I've so manufacturing the gifts of channelling, or spiritual mediumship - but my wife is indolent a sceptic.

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