Sunday, July 28, 2013

Satanic Symbolism

Satanic Symbolism
Terribly blatant, the big fat satanic symbol, on the church-ALTAR, how do we know it is satanic?

While Aleister Crowley told us so..

..And sphere a useful pressing out at the jewelry living dull by Hedge plant insider Katherine Harris (pictured in). In over is this Masonic/satanic symbolism (her pendant/necklace).

TV-evangelist Pat Robertson..or is he..

This thoughts of his hand is called "the lion's paw", this is masonic!

And over.. so the highest was no habit..

So this is as well no habit (horns of satan)

Christians ect cannot be freemasons, or so it has been invented,

ofcourse this is BS, for instance secret societies ceiling of the time

derrive from religion, a lot of fervent realm are masons, like

for job Pat Robertson, Vicar Jesse Jackson and many others!

Legwork Commune

Leave take offense as explanation..


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