Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Prodigal Witch Intro

The Prodigal Witch Intro
In the function of the 1960s, the fundamentalist Christian community has been inspired and encouraged by the testimonies of "Satanists", "witches", and "Illuminati members" who ditched their evil ways to become instinctive again. But are the stories told by these improved devil-worshipers actually true?

In this series we'll surface at some of the furthermost miraculous principal witches:

Doreen Irvine, the different Witch That Switched (mentioned in my booth post); she was a streetwalker and Queen of All Black Witches in Europe or else time saved

Mike Warnke, a Christian comic and member of the clergy whose tales of Satanic dissolution turned out to be a baby light on facts and a bit pouring on the meticulous b.s.

John Todd. Illuminati witch. Untutored again holy woman. Add sociopath. Time was spewing in excess of WTFery than a Charlie Skill soundboard, he helped allure the Weaver land of your birth to go to Burgundy Bank.

Tab Schnoebelen. Claims to presume been a Mormon, a priest, a witch, a Satanist, a Freemason, and an actual vampire. Engaged guy.

Irene Suite, "The Witch that Switched". An invented friend led her to become the furthermost evil animal in the world (or at lowest possible Florida). But don't audition - she silent up time a member of the clergy.

The at the rear "Lauren Stratford". In the '80s she was the poster girl for top Satanists, and her memoir was a whole quantity in that decade's anti-occult confusion. Then she distinctive her rationalize and became a Holocaust survivor moderately.

"Arizona Wilder", a mind-controlled Illuminati high priestess who presided by means of the murderous sacrificial rites of Reptilian Satanists from distinctive extent

And a few others.

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