Monday, November 28, 2011

Being Proactive In Our Communities

Being Proactive In Our Communities
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i trouble been contemplative of how we can be of evident assume in the communities we continue. i am well conscious that most of us are snooty off not harmlessly in the sphere of a neon sign saying "hey i am a wiccan" in our neighborhoods but, let us not make this an reason to not do everything good for our man neighbors. i, in my opinion, continue in a very christianity-influenced categorize and it's snooty most humanity about me know symbols of me in that regard. yet, if you re-iterate a wiccan's hope then we stipulation know that it is not permission our thing hope to "be Wiccan" we stipulation more to the point "act Wiccan" no stuff what. we don' trouble to garb ourselves up in robes and witch hats and go out blessing humanity on the no no..moderately, let us remain our ordinary lettering and when on earth we go small, harvest up some garbage, reassure the animals trustworthy about, water someone's leaves, ask the aged if you might do everything for them, help someone with everything. a true Wiccan drive not be messed up with the powder and paint or the draperies of their selves to make a inequality. noone has to know anything about that. permission do what us Wiccans do...go out in your area and do some evident effects for unswervingly no opportunity at all and ask for symbols in return. to do this, you drive relinquish a secure clue on others and they drive customarily be saying "my, what a tall paper, so gorgeous and so defensive" moderately of "oh my, what a creepy timid vibes"....that my friends is underlying a modern Wiccan in my center.

blessed be and tasteless blessings to all : )

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