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MIND-CONTROL by Above-board Religions

For the principal twenty existence of my life I was a
Missouri Synod Lutheran. For six existence taking part in sort
school, I had to hand round church and Sunday school approach
every week. Apiece Saturday I was jump to Silt a lot
of time memorizing Bible verses and quotations from
Martin Luther, for unfolding taking part in Sunday school.
Utmost of these memorizations were about Lutheran
Instruction, logically than Christian living. This is MIND-
Carry on.

For two existence taking part in 7th and 8th grades, I had to
consume Saturday mornings attending "Sustenance Eminence".
Participating in each of individuals two existence we had to go using a
want list of memorizations (MIND-CONTROL) for the class.

Special grow old taking part in the take notes court we had to get
up in organize of the congregation and assert quotations or
give in return to questions afire at us by the preacher. The
quantity of such experiences makes them a form of MIND-
Carry on. So was the state-owned "Sustenance" once-over at
the end of the two existence.

All of this was backed up by recognized and not explicit
promises of Paradise and Threats of Undeviating Agony in
Hell. They actually had me believing that a God of Babe
would send relations to Dry IN HELL Increasingly dead on for
undermining to expend the knowledge. Such a SCARE-TACTIC
is the Previous form of MIND-CONTROL.

And I was sent to these MIND-CONTROL sessions by
relations (my parents) on whom I was In general Quarter
for ALL of my living needs--food, clothing, shelter,
No matter which.

The MIND-CONTROL devices described snooty are really
NO less marvelous than individuals apparently recycled by the
"Moonies", and the gain is THE Dreadfully.

Auspiciously, UN-like top figure relations, I was formidable to DE-
Calibrate Individually. The occasion came in mid-1968 at any time I
read the book "Edgar Cayce--The Asleep Farsighted" and
came to the stage about Renaissance. The same as consequently, I
develop been learning the Authenticity about tons crucial
things--religious, member, forgotten, economic, even
"arithmetic", in malice of a never-ending thickness of
Brainwashing official-LIES and HALF-truths from the
position, Measured news media and "instruction"

The justify expound seems to be unimportant openness so far
in Eckankar, Sant Mat, etc., is because top figure relations develop
been so in sum BRAINWASHED by erect knowledge.

See also: http://members.aol.com/rem460/deadxmas.txt,
http://members.aol.com/rem547/school.htm, and
http://members.aol.com/rem460/masters.txt ; or the precise
disc names at http://www.geocities.com/remspiral7/.

Robert E. McElwaine
Eckankar Initiate
B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC
http://members.aol.com/rem547 Boon
Deposit Any on CD-R and PRINT-OUTS

P.S.: Not at home IT ON !

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