Friday, September 6, 2013

Lampblack Ink

Lampblack Ink
Plan a candle color to get together with with the tone of your spell. (Luxuriant for money, for case.)

Form and dress as desired. (This conduct model symbols or words voguish the candle, and annoint with essential oils that are move unseen to your tone.)

Hold a squirt free the candle flicker until black stain forms. (THIS TAKES A WHILE; IT'S A Lengthy Continue REQUIRING Continued existence.) This stain is lampblack.

Some time ago courteous lampblack has been bent, carefully tap it off the squirt and voguish a dip.

Add be next to water or wine, stab by stab, to dissolve the stain and after that add gum arabica to extend the ink.

SOURCE: Part Reference book OF 5000 SPELLS

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